How big is Coventry Little League (CLL)?
Our expectation for the Spring season is to have approximately 400-500 players in the League. Little League Baseball encourages boys and girls to become part of the Little League experience. The League is comprised entirely of volunteers that freely give their time to help our Coventry youth learn the game of baseball and embrace the Little League Baseball motto: Loyalty, Character and Courage.

Thanks in advance to all of the volunteers that will help this Spring be a successful endeavor for everyone!

What are the Boundaries of CLL?
The Boundary Map is the entire town of Coventry. In addition, any child who goes to school within the boundaries of Coventry is also eligible to play for us. 

How are registration fees used?
CLL operates as a 100% domestic non-profit volunteer organization. Our registration fees account for approximately 50% of revenue, with Sponsorships and Fundraising revenue accounting for the rest. Our expense budget addresses equipment, uniforms, awards, field improvements, field maintenance, utilities, insurance, and additional administrative expenses, such as Little League dues and field usage fees. In addition, CLL is committed to providing umpires for all Senior, Junior, Major and AAA games. The registration fees are reviewed each year by the league Board of Directors and modified as expenses go up. Luckily, we have not had to raise the base registration cost for the past few seasons!

Do CLL Directors get paid? 
No. Unlike some other Youth Sports Organizations, the Board of Directors for CLL is 100% volunteer. No Director receives any financial compensation for their services to the League.  

How are revenues generated?
In addition to registration fees, CLL actively pursues donations from Corporations, local businesses and private sources. In the Spring, CLL runs a large fundraiser, such as a raffle, that generates another significant portion of our revenues; we also hold special events to bring in additional funds. 

Can I become a CLL Board member?
Each year in September, the Board of Directors must be re-elected. Any adult can apply to become a board member.  In mid/late July of each year we announce the upcoming election on our website and via email to seek interest of those wishing to have their name on the board of directors ballot. All applicants must undergo and pass a background check.


When Do I register my Child for CLL Baseball?
Registration for the Spring Season begins around end of December and runs until February/March.
Registration for the Fall Season (Fall Ball) begins early July and runs until early August.

Why do registrations for Spring open so early? And why do they close a month before the games start?
Opening the registration process early gives players plenty of time to register, especially those who want to try out for Majors. Little League International requires all eligible candidates to try out. Any able player who does not try out and was not previously on a Major Division team must be placed in the Minor division. Those who cannot attend tryouts (e.g. they are sick, out of town, injured) must contact a Player Agent.

EXCEPTION: All league age 12-year-old players must be drafted onto a Major Division team whether or not they attend tryouts/candidate evaluations. Exceptions to this can occur only if the District Administrator, Board of Directors and parent agree in writing (on a specific form provided by Little League International) that the player should be placed in the Minor Division.

We hold tryouts in mid-late Winter (depending on when we can secure an indoor location) and draft players for Majors and AAA the week after the tryouts.

We then keep the registrations open for the lower divisions until mid-March. At that time we close our registrations so we can finalize teams and put in our uniform order to receive them on time for Opening Day!

Does my child have to play Tee Ball?
All players new to Little League and are league age 4 or 5, we recommend at least a season of Tee Ball before advancing to the Minors. This is a Little League International requirement. Players league ages 5 and 6 may advance to Single A (Coach Pitch) as long as they played one season in Tee Ball.

I live in a bordering town, can my child play with Coventry Little League?
Refer to the ‘League Finder’ (Under Little League International in the bottom of this webpage). Exceptions can only be made by action of the Charter Committee in Williamsport.  Please reach us to discuss same.

What is the School Attendance eligibility?
A player will be deemed to attend school in the boundaries if the physical location of the school where they attend classes is within the town of Coventry. Note: This excludes home schools, cyber schools, sports-related schools, sports academies, or preschool or after school where a student participates outside of the primary school the player is enrolled. Refer to the ‘League Finder’ (Under Little League International in the bottom of this webpage).  Please reach us to discuss same.

What Documentation do I need for Registration?
Upon request all players are required to show a Birth Certificate for Age Verification and Proof of Residency. You may scan/ take a picture and upload same to your account online.

What age group can my child play?
Refer to the Divisions of Play page – under Registration tab.  Your childs league age can be calculated with help of the “League Age Calculator”. Fall "League Age" is determined by the "League Age" of the preceding Spring Season. 

How do I request a Refund?
Contact one of the Player Agents for more details.


How are Managers selected?
All applications for a manager position must be submitted online as a part of your child’s registration.  All requests are sent to the Manager Committee.  The Manager committee makes recommendations to the President of the league, who then appoints the managers. Finally, the CLL Board of Directors votes to approve the managers.

How are Coaches selected?

Seniors/ Juniors: Following the Seniors and Juniors drafts, Division Managers may provide the names of up to two coaches per team to the Manager Committee for consideration of appointment by the President and approval by the board of directors.

Majors/AAA: Following the Major and AAA drafts, Division Managers may provide the names of up to two coaches per team to the Manager Committee for consideration of appointment by the President and approval by the board of directors.

All Others: Following the AAA draft, Managers in AA, A, and T-ball may submit the names of the coaches to the Manager Committee for consideration of appointment by the President and approval by the board of directors.

Are there Tryouts for the Teams and What is Involved?
Tryouts are held in mid-late Winter. Typically, the tryout format will include three stations, but may change at the discretion of the Player Development Committee. The stations are:
◦Players field ground balls and throws to another player simulating a throw to first base.
◦Players are thrown balls over their shoulders to track balls thrown in the air to simulate fly balls.
◦Skills evaluated are fielding, footwork, throwing, and catching. All Players will be given equal opportunities at each position to display their talent level for the Managers.

◦Players run a short distance and are timed.

◦Players are thrown 5 hittable baseballs.
◦Managers don't look primarily at making contact (most kids have not picked up a bat all winter), but review things such as stance, mechanics, aggressiveness, ability to track the ball, and confidence.

Does my child have to attend tryouts?
We re-draft our teams every year, therefore we ask that all players attend tryouts in order for the managers to evaluate and to maintain balance for our teams. Registered and returning Major players must be drafted. 9-11 years olds wishing to play Triple A must be drafted to a Triple A team. 

There are certain requirements where players MUST tryout or they may not be drafted:
◦Any player who was not previously on a Majors team and wants to be considered for the Majors draft must try-out. EXCEPTION: All league age 12-year-old players must be drafted onto a Major Division team whether or not they attend tryouts. 

•Triple A   
◦Any 7 or 8-year-old interested in being considered for Triple A must attend tryouts. 

If a player does not attend tryouts, then the parents must submit a written excuse to the Player Agent. If the excuse is acceptable to a majority of the board, the child can enter the draft. Being drafted to a team is not guaranteed.

How Does the Draft Work?
•The draft for Majors and Triple A will be held on separate days.
•All managers will draw numbers to determine their position in the draft.
•The draft will be conducted in a snake format, i.e. 1-2-3-4, 4-3-2-1, then 1-2-3-4, etc.
•Players are not allowed to know where they were drafted.

Who can attend the draft?
Only the Managers for the division being drafted, Player Agents, and President are allowed in the draft process.

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