Rules of Participation


  2. All Players must play and follow the Little League Rules.
  3. A Roster will be drafted by the Managers, Player Agent and President
  4. Managers, Assistants, and Team Parents must have a valid Background check on file with the League for the current year.
  5. Alcohol, Tobacco (including smokeless tobacco) and Drug use is prohibited on all Little League fields/ Property.
  6. Dogs need to be maintained in leash at all times.  And dog wastes needs to be picked up and disposed right away.
  7. There will be NO profane language or gestures allowed on the field by either Coaches or Players.
  8. Players shall wear the Jersey and Hats which are provided by the League.  Jerseys will be tucked in at all times and hats will be worn properly at all times.  Managers and Coaches will wear hats provided by the League during league games
  9. Shorts, Sandals and Tank Tops are not allowed at practice or during games.  This is for the Player’s safety and players dressed as such will not be allowed on the field. 
  10. NO throwing equipment down in anger or throwing of equipment from one player at another. The umpire/ coach will issue a warning for the first offense, a second offense will be discussed with the parent/ guardian and could result in that player(s) removal from that game.
  11. Discipline of players shall be referred to the Player Agent in written form within 24 hours of any infraction that is deemed to warrant some type of action.  The CLL Board of Directors will address the matter.


  1. Only scheduled practices or games are allowed.
  2. Practices are to be held per schedule, please be mindful of the other team sharing the field and their practice/ game start time.
  3. Home Team Manager and assistants will prepare the fields to ensure safe playing conditions.  The field will be raked, lined, including the batter's box and base coaches boxes.  Each team will ensure their dugouts/ stands are clean after each game/ practice.
  4. Visiting Team Manager and assistants will help rake out the field after each game
  5. During extreme conditions, both Managers will discuss field conditions with Division Director and decide to hold or re-schedule game.  It is the managers duty to inform their teams.
  6. Rain-outs will be re-scheduled amongst the 2 managers that best suits and advise the league officials to ensure date/ time/ field availability and official scheduling.

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