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Field Maintenance Because it Matters!

Coventry Little League have spent numerous hours and dollars on its main playing fields.
We need YOU to help us!

Please use this information to educate yourself AND your parents who help out before and after each game and practice. Please note that Colonial is the only field exempt in that process. We know that you'll be conscientious about following these procedures, but even a few parents--with the best of intentions--can undo what we have tried so hard to master. Make sure they understand the proper steps toward good field maintenance.  Ultimately, our number one goal is to provide the safest playing surface possible to ensure maximum injury reduction, along with having great eye-appeal.

The entire process can be accomplished within 15 minutes.  Each team should have a primary and secondary person to prep the field, and allow the coaches to talk with their team and gather their belongings, then this field work can be completed quickly.  Coaches will be responsible for ensuring the field maintenance and that the dugouts are absolutely clean/free of trash. 

Please follow these procedures.  Let us know if you have any questions, or if you need "on-the-job" training.  We're always accessible and willing to teach those who are willing to learn!  Thank you--in advance--for helping keep our fields in superb shape. 


After Every Practice and Game, it is the responsibility of every team to rake the field. Many hands make light work. If this is done properly, game cancelations should and will be kept to minimum.

    Rake across base paths
    Rake infield dirt towards grass, this creates unsafe 'lips' along edges
    Use the diagrams below for proper raking techniques
Rake it the direction of the arrows ( -> )
Batters Box Area
Rake to the center of home plate fill in batters and catchers area. 

Pitchers Mound
Rake to the center of the of the pitcher mound, fill in the hole in front of the rubber.

Rake Around 1st, 2nd and 3rd Base Areas

Rake from the foul line or the edge of the grass to in 
front of 1st and 3rd base.

Rake from behind 2nd base, to the sides of 2nd. Move dirt in base path areas and fill in sliding holes.

Rake Around Shortstop and 2nd Base Playing Positions
Rake short stop and 2nd base areas to fill any low section caused by players.

Raking Grass Edges
Rake field mix out of grass areas with a fan or leaf rake to prevent ridges of field mix from building up in playing areas.
(Around home plate area / Around the pitchers mound and walk way / Base paths both sides / Grass line in front of playing position)

    Push, pull, rake, sweep, squee-gee or broom puddles on the infield into the grass!  NO MATTER WHAT!!
        This cause the puddles to become bigger the next time it rain's and it causes ridges and mounds in the grass areas.
        Not to mention it kills the grass!  
It takes a money and days to repair the damage.
    Pour excessive amounts of SpeediDry mix into puddles or muddy areas.  
        Too much of this product changes the composition of the dirt and must be repaired over time.

    Remove the puddles by:

    1. Digging a hole in the puddle and bailing the water out of it. Repair the hole.
    2. Pump the water out of the puddle.
    3. Reach out to your Division Director for further instructions
        It is easier to make up a 1.5 
hour game, than its is to spending days repairing the field.
Equipment Sheds

Please keep equipment sheds neat and orderly and put them away as you find them. If anything is missing or broken, please contact your division director or a board member.